"See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, death and adversity" (Deut 30: 15). Today we are again confronted with the choice between life and death, just like the Israelite of old! We have at our disposal the ability to enhance or eliminate ourselves.

This book deals with three significant areas that affect human life: (a.) The symbolic and depth dimension of reality and life: (b). The Human Genome Project and its implications for life: (c.) The inevitability of science-religion dialogue to preserve the fragile life on planet earth. Technological and genetic advancements of today offer us the crucial choice between human extension and extinction. We are able to enhance life significantly. We can also annihilate ourselves collectively. Confronted with such an astounding choice, we need to increase our moral and spiritual prowess to respond to the changing scenario of today.So creative acceptance and affirmation of both the technological and spiritual possibilities are necessary for the survival of life on our planet.

ISBN-13: 9783844390704

Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing